Don't just take my word for it. Here's what people I've worked with have to say about the results we delivered together.

"I brought Glenn in to rework our marketing infrastructure and strategy. He was able to rebuild our platform on new technologies that saved us over $10,000/month and also improving site performance by 30%. He was also instrumental in running an initial product launch that resulted in over $75,000 in sales."
Paul Johnson, Founder/CEO Snagshout
I’ve worked with a lot of developers in the past, and finding this kind of quality is rare. Reviewing the code Glenn submitted makes me hopeful that we can continue to work together in the future.
– Adrian Gonzales, Director of Development, Uptrending
Glenn’s combination of marketing, business goals and technical expertise make him a valuable asset from strategic planning to implementation.
– Tyler Henderson, Partnerships & Affiliates, Seller Labs
Glenn is one of the most capable engineers I know with an amazing grasp of the strategic and tactical aspects of business and marketing.  You should hire him. He’s A+.
– Kai Davis, Outreach consultant
We needed a specialist with a focus on writing test-supported code to help our in-house team. Glenn was able to step in and translate complex requirements into a seamless interface for us.
– Jill Adams, Project Manager, Crush & Lovely
Glenn has an aptitude for technology that's not common for most marketers. His ability to meld his developer background and marketing sensibility make him a dual threat. I worked with him for more than a year and was always impressed by his ability to take seemingly complex marketing problems and turn them into simple and effective automated solutions.
– Cory Checketts, Content Marketing Manager, Seller Labs
Glenn understands my evolving business development needs, and has more than once provided helpful consultation related to marketing and customer discovery, pricing, and competitor analysis. In his consultations, I have found in him a trusted partner and someone who’s made my life as a CEO easier.
– Chris Bell, Founder, Wagglez
Glenn brings solid ideas to the table time and time again. As a result, I rely on him daily to deliver practical solutions for our clients and work server-side magic for my front-end designs. I learn something every time we talk!
– Zach Alig, Head Designer, Proof Industries
The process Dependable lays out for bookending projects based on costs is solid. It helps clients understand how much they can really expect to spend, or how outlandish their conceptual budget is.
– Jordan Burke, Founder, Roundtable Development
Glenn taught me that presenting estimates to clients with ranges has helped set the tone that it's an estimate. We tried it recently in a proposal we won and have already seen an impact!
Yaw Aning - Product Strategist
Dependable offers loads of great tips and tools to be better and fairer at the whole estimation game. If offers multiple solutions, not pushing your favorite over anything. It's really about how to make a better living as a freelancer. For me, it could not have arrived at a better time - so thank you!
– Jean Le Clerc, Freelance App Developer
The new proposal format and content which we crafted as a result of feedback we gleaned from Glenn's  ‘tear down’ process, won us one of our biggest contracts in a long, LONG time. It was a contract we really wanted, and we are THRILLED we landed it–and we beat out a huge agency doing it.

I have no doubt that the raised-up quality of our proposal, paired with a realistic budget for the client, is what helped put us up and over the edge.
– Lisa Conner, Owner, Zeto Creative
After quintupling our revenue with $50, two weeks, a Chromebook, and some hustle, Glenn went on to redesign our office kitchen for the optimal taco Tuesday setup, complete with a margarita machine. He then exited the building to help a little old lady cross the street while saving a baby stroller from rolling into a river. Legend has it that he can 10x engineer blindfolded, drunk, with one arm behind his back, but frankly, I think that’s severely underestimating him.
– Ryan Maynard, Entrepreneur